About Anita

Welcome to Anita Barcsa Photography. If you are new here I'm excited to have you.

Who is behind the camera?

I'm Anita, the owner, creator and mastermind behind Anita Barcsa Photography. I'm a sister, aunty, and best friend to many. I find people are truly fascinating and I can't wait to talk to you.

I'm a self-taught photographer like many of us out there and I try not to take myself too seriously. Anything and everything I've been interested in in my life happened to be around art.

When I'm not taking photographs you will find me in a favorite new restaurant or somewhere with food and friends who give me a hard time about being a slow drinker. Cheese is my chocolate, but if we're talking chocolate than it'd better be dark. I like to keep active, taking trips with friends.

I believe:

  • Weddings and all things photography should be captured as they are, never manufactured
  • Though often missed, the smallest moments are the most important - I'll catch them for you
  • The best family traditions start in the kitchen because food brings people together… as does wine
  • Wine is like the force - has a light side, a dark side and holds the universe together
  • Everyone should dance at weddings, even the photographer
  • Everyone should see themselves as others see them; we would all walk taller and a more proud
  • Every single person has a story. I can't wait to tell yours…

Anita Barcsa: San Francisco - Bay Area Photographer