Faaaaantastic! Anita was amazing to work with and produced unbelievable results. She is professional, experienced, prepared, knowledgeable, friendly and responsive. Anita... thank you for making me look better than I could have ever dreamed of. You rock!

-Susan Cress

Anita was awesome to work with! I personally hate taking pictures, but she made it fun and comfortable. Our pictures came out fantastic! She's very easy going, professional, and encouraging!

I always recommend her as a photographer.

Thanks again Anita!


Thank the heavens for Anita.
Monday morning at 10AM, hair and makeup professionally done, ready for my photo to be taken for my marketing material and I found myself stood up by my photographer. I quickly got on the line with my dear friend, the wedding planner, and asked for a photographer.
Anita called me promptly, she calmed me on the phone knowing the stress I felt and turned a terrible morning into a fantastic day.
Thankfully her Monday was clear because within an hour Anita and I were shaking hands in a gorgeous park and setting up to take my photos.
I was nervous, I’m not good at having my photo taken and the adrenalin was still pumping from my dramatic morning.
Anita had me shake it all off (she really made me shake my shoulders, and it worked!). She lead me with ease on how to stand, relax or straighten up, smile bigger… but she did it in the kindest way and kept me at ease throughout the entire shoot. She even included my sweet puppy in a few photos, my 5 month old Frenchie, Phoebe.
My photos were ready for me the very next morning and I was shocked by how gorgeous they turned out and I was immediately thankful that my other photographer stood me up! Within 10 minutes of me selecting my photos, Anita had them in my email and ready for me to send to my marketing team. Anita is skilled at her art, professional, prompt, kind and comforting during the stress of taking photos as it is for many people.
I’m already planning a family photo session with Anita and recommending her to all of my collogues, family and friends.
Thank you, Anita, you literally saved my day.

-Ashley Silva

Anita is awesome!! she was a pleasure to work and made me feel comfortable, at ease, like I was doing something good! Even though I was tired, hungry, felt awkward, etc-- she kept great spirits, encouraged me, was easy going, and very professional!! She came prepared and focused, and we had a great connection!

I recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer ;)


Wow~! Amazing work! I love the objective pictures. You def set a mood. I look forward to enjoying more of your work!


If you need some great professional shots for linkedin, business cards or other media- Anita is the right pick. She balances artistic and natural with the mood / image you need. I have has many compliments on the shots and its for the right reasons. Its about the feel of the photos and the messages they convey. Great work Anita!

-Caron R

Anita is wonderful to work with! She is so calm and efficient that she was able to calm my nerves in a flash and get me to relax into the whole spirit of the photo session. I was amazed by how beautiful the pictures turned out (I don't consider myself photogenic, but she knew just how to direct me to get great shots). If you're in the market for a photographer, she's your girl!


We were fortunate to receive a session with Anita as an early Christmas gift. As a new mom with a love for all forms of art and all things beautiful, this is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Anita was wonderful to work with and very patient with our incredibly active Penelope. She did a beautiful job capturing the pure joy, wonder and delight we were able to witness that day.

Thank you, Anita.

-Hayley Culpepper

Anita is a uniquely talented photographer. I had been wanting to have portraits of my children for years, but with a very wide age range, the thought of coordinating their schedules, clothes, preferences, etc... was overwhelming! Anita was helpful in every step of the way - searching locations, consulting on clothing, flexible with scheduling days and times, and making us all feel comfortable and at ease during the photo shoot. upon completion of the photo shoot, I felt we would have some very good choices. When I received the proofs, I was amazed at the quality and the artistic nature of her work. Anita has a way of taking a picture and turing it in to a cherished piece of art. In my opinion Anita is an exceptional photographer, artist, and business women. I will definitely turn to her for all my future photography needs.

-Lisa Sipko

We had our first family photos on one of the hottest days. Anita was so great to work with, and very patient, when my kids were not being very cooperative. The photos came out fantastic!!! I highly recommend her!!!

-Jeannie Retamoso

Anita is amazing!! Was looking for a great photographer for headshots, and I found my girl! We started pretty early on a Sunday, Anita was on time, early in fact, and stuck to the schedule without stalling to get the shoot done by the time we talked about. Pics turned out amazing, she also was great with helping hair and makeup in the shoot, since we weren't as prepared as we should have been. She worked wonders with the natural lighting, got some amazing shots, exactly the images I was looking for actually, in fact far better than what I was hoping for! I was stunned when I got the pics back so quick, fully proofed and touched up to my asking and liking. I looked beautiful in these pics, which was a first, since I am not a picture person AT ALL!! Bottom line, she made me feel comfortable for the photos to turn out looking completely natural AND she helped me to get beautiful pics I was looking for. Anita was very reasonably priced, I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer.
Highly recommend!!!!

-Deborah Parkinson

On our first photo session, Anita worked hard on making sure my kids were comfortable with her. That put us all at ease and the pictures are worth a 1000 words. She was highly professional and very enthusiastic. The pictures were amazing and her style is very unique, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Anita!! I would recommend you in a heartbeat!!!!


You made me look about 200% better than I actually look! Okay, maybe 250% better. Your eye sees things mere humans cannot. Well done!

-Meredith Manning